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How to Install a DIY 3D Wall Clock In Less Than 2 Hours

Posted by Gayle Mara on

Are you a Home Decor buff who likes to create unique decor projects for your home? Then you will enjoy installing your own 3D Wall Clock project - you can easily complete the installation in less than 2 hours!

The style of your clock may be different from the clock shown in this video below, but the process of installation is the same. In some cases, the mirror like acrylic pieces may already be attached to the foam back, and in others the two will still need to be attached as the video shows.  

Please watch the video all the way through first, to see how the clock is put together, then re-watch, stopping and restarting the video as you go when installing your  clock. Spread out all pieces, and identify them before you start. Have fun!!

Here is the video:


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